Wind energy vs. hydropower

Wind energy projects cause minimum harm to environment from among small scale power plants, says environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam.

He is commenting to Sri Lanka Mirror about media reports that the proposed wind energy generation project in Mannar will cause harms to bird life and to environment.

The biggest damage to environment comes from the 150-odd hydropower plants proposed to be built in the central hills, he says.

These power plants will be constructed on 160 water sources, he notes.

The IEA has proved through research that small hydropower plants have been a failure, as they harm underground water sources while failing to supply for the demand.

Ideal options will be the green and renewable energy sources such as the wind, solar and sea waves, Kariyawasam says.

A country like Sri Lanka consumes 20 per cent of electricity by households, while 80 pc goes to the industrial sector, he notes.

Local and foreign institutions are behind moves to start these damaging small power plants, and former top military officer Wasantha Karannagoda’s Rivinmo Hydro is one of them, the environmentalist adds.


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