Movement for repression chronic Kidney Disease

Inter University Bhikkhu Federation,University Of Rajarata ,Rules of Law Committee of Bar Association Sri Lanka held a Public meeting in Anuradahapura against Chronic Kidney Diseases in Sri Lanka .This event organized by Movement for repression chronic Kidney Disease . CKDu is largely concentrated in Sri lanka, but hospitals remain understaffed to deal with the problem. Hospitals with kidney treatment units […]

two day environmental camp

A two day environment camp was held at H/Wakadwala Janapada school on the 26th and 27th of June .The camp was conducted by the Center for Environment and Nature Studies ,Sri Lanka in order to educate student the value of protecting the nature for future generation, One who goes against the environment will be punished by the environment . More […]

Our ongoing programs

Conserve of the nature by conserving the indigenous knowledge! 1 – Local courses for environment awareness development 2 – Organic Farming 3 – Legal Cases towards environmental injustices 4 – Campaigns against environmental destruction 5 – CENS Center/Library/ and Organic Farming Model Project in Netiya, Wariyapola 6 – Buddhism and environment 7 – Spiritual mind and nature 1 – Environmental […]