Seed Act a boon to multinationals – Dr. Shiva (Ceylon today )

By Zahrah Imtiaz The Seed Act is a ‘backdoor’ by which the multinationals will get what they want, said Indian scientist and environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva. Dr. Shiva, who was on a recent visit to Sri Lanka, was campaigning for the abolishment of the Seed Act and the patenting of local biodiversity by multinationals.“There was a great study done on kidney […]

Impact of micro hydropower on Sri Lanka’s ecosystem

By Raveendra Kariyawasam Abelief that ‘small’ hydropower systems are a source of clean energy with little or no environmental impact is driving a growing interest in mini, micro, and pico hydropower systems that can generate from less than 5 kilowatts up to 10 megawatts of energy. Hydropower may appear to be the cleanest and most versatile of renewable energy sources, […]

e -Petition against Laxapana waterfall destruction

Center for Environment and nature studies  has being opened  e -Petition against Laxapana waterfall destruction. We requests  from put your signature to e – will be a create big effect and protect the waterfall. You can use fallowing link to put your signature, Thank you so much Best regard CENS team .

Lakshapana falls to be killed by electrocution?

The Center for Environmental and Nature Studies (CENS) warns that due to the construction of a private hydro powered power plant above Lakshapana water fall, it has currently faced a threat of being completely dried out. CENS points out that the construction work of a small scale hydro powered power plant that is being carried out by Sapthakanya Hydro cooper […]

Sri Lanka’s government wants to sell off water resources to western multinationals

ASIANEWS ( ) 05/16/2014 14:07 SRI LANKA Sri Lanka’s government wants to sell off water resources to western multinationals The Centre for Environmental and Nature Studies (CENS) denounces project approved by the Cabinet. The plan will be financed by the World Bank with a loan of 110 million US dollars, pushing the authorities to privatize the island’s water resources. Colombo […]

Protect the right to the access of water

Peoples’ Movement for Water Rights held a campaign to educate the people in connection with the World Water Day. Sri Lanka News photojournalist Krishna Lasintha captured these images of its members distributing leaflets in front of the Fort railway station today (Nov 28.) We are working against Water Privatization since 2004 , Water Is rights of all living being in […]

Environmental group warns of move to sell water resources in SL

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa The Centre for Environmental and Nature Studies (CENS) yesterday alleges that there is a sinister plan to sell the country’s water resources to multinational companies and the government has already planned to draw around US $110 million loan from the World Bank for the purpose. Environmentalist and National Coordinator of CENS Ravindra Kariyawasam said that the Cabinet […]

ජලය විකිණීම වෙනුවෙන් ලෝක බැංකුවෙන් රජයට ඇ.ඩො. මිලියන 110ක්

ජලය වෙළඳ භාණ්ඩයක් කිරීම වෙනුවෙන් උත්සාහ දරණ ආණ්ඩුව මෙවර දේශගුණික විපර්යාස අවම කිරීමේ වැඩ සටහන යටතේ කාළගුණික තත්ත්වයන්ට ඔරොත්තු දීම වෙනුවෙන් ජලය හා ජල මූලාශ‍්‍ර කළමණාකරණ වැඩ සටහන් සකස් කිරීමට හා ක‍්‍රියාත්මක කිරීමට ලෝක බැංකුවෙන් ඇමරිකානු ඩොලර් මිලියන 110ක ණයවරක් ලබා ගැනීමට අවශ්‍ය කටයුතු සියල්ල සම්පාදනය කර ඇති බව පරිසර හා සොබාදහම් අධ්‍යයන මධ්‍යස්ථානය ප‍්‍රකාශ කරයි. නිවේදනයක් නිකුත්කරමින් එම සංවිධානය […]

Environmental Issues in Sri Lanka and Their Solutions- An Analytical Study

Ravindra Kariyasam Center for Environment and Nature Studies , Sri Lanka The American Heritage Science Dictionary (2005) defines environment as all of the biotic and abiotic factors that act on an organism, population, or ecological community and influence its survival and development. Biotic factors include the organisms themselves, their food, and their interactions. Abiotic factors include such items as sunlight, […]

ශ්‍රීපාද අඩවිය සංචාරක කලාපයක්‌ කිරීමේ සැලසුමක්‌ – පරිසර හා සොබාදහම් අධ්‍යයන මධ්‍යස්‌ථානය චෝදනා කරයි

සිරිමන්ත රත්නසේකර ඓතිහාසික ශ්‍රීපාද අඩවිය සංචාරක කලාපයක්‌ බවට පත්කිරීමට රජය සැලසුම් කර ඇති බව පරිසර හා සොබාදහම් අධ්‍යයන මධ්‍යස්‌ථානය ඊයේ (29 වැනිදා) පැවැති මාධ්‍ය හමුවකදී අනාවරණය කළේය. මෙම සැලසුම ක්‍රියාත්මක වුවහොත් ඓතිහාසික ශ්‍රීපාද අඩවියට දැඩි හානියක්‌ අත්විය හැකි බැවින් මෙම සැලසුම පරාජය කිරීම සඳහා සියලු පාර්ශ්වයන් එක්‌විය යුතු බව එම මධ්‍යස්‌ථානය පවසයි. සංචාරක කලාපය සඳහා අමාත්‍ය මණ්‌ඩල සංදේශය අංක LA/06/02/131 […]