Forest density shrinks to 16% In Sri Lanka

Due to massive environmental destruction in Sri Lanka, the forest density, which was 83 per cent in 1882, has shrunk to 16 per cent by now, and 395 elephants have been killed between 1 January and 5 December 2022, the Centre for Environment and Nature Studies (CENS) said.

In a media briefing, the CENS said despite the fact that the President and Cabinet changed in 2022, there was no reduction in environmental destruction, and that losing forest density caused by large-scale environmental destruction can be considered the most severe environmental damage.

According to Ven. Karimaditte Gnanarama Thera, the forest percentage has dropped from 83 per cent in 1882 to 16 per cent today.

Environmentalist Dimuthu Sandaruwan said the death of one or more elephants per day in Sri Lanka is a serious problem, and over 395 elephant deaths have occurred in 2022, with the Government taking no steps to alleviate the human-elephant conflict.

Speaking at the media briefing, actor Chaminda Jayasuriya said a political solution to the environmental problem is required, and that Sri Lanka has not paid significant attention to the environmental problem for the past 74 years. (TR)

Ceylon today 06/01/2023

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