Now, new road to hotel poses danger to ecologically sensitive Roomassala

By Ifham Nizam A 20-foot road is to be built shortly in a very environmentally sensitive location leading to a hotel which is also under construction, despite objections by officials, Environmental Scientist at the Centre for Environment Nature Studies (CENS), Dr Ravindra Kariywasam told The Island yesterday. Wildlife officials had objected to both the hotel and the road, but their […]

Pico Hydros make great damges

By Raveendra Kariyawasam A belief that ‘small’ hydropower systems are a source of clean energy with little or no environmental impact is driving a growing interest in mini, micro, and pico hydropower systems that can generate from less than 5 kilowatts up to 10 megawatts of energy. Hydropower may appear to be the cleanest and most versatile of renewable energy […]