Slow food Youth Sri Lanka organized a slow food festival In Babarawana

 Slow food Youth Sri Lanka organized a slow food festivalwith school children in Babarawan area. Hundreds of children participated for this occasion. Nadeesha Sooriyarachi  (A leading Agriculture officer  ), Famers and Villages  were the organizers of  this grand slow food  event . The parents prepared organic food, brought to the school and share with about 300 children.   Nadeesha conducted a […]

The death of seventh elephant In Sri Lanka

Today Center for Environment and Nature studies held a press conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka (08.10.2019).  The conference concerned about the in Hiriwadunna area. Environmentalist, Ven Wekadawala Rahula thero said there are no proper investigation about this incident .Responsibility has been taken by the Wild Life department .But, it is not enough because have to explain the reasons why so many […]

Sri Lankan Army has killed deers in Yala National Park

Wild life officers discovered some soldiers while they were making barbecue with deers in Yala ,Sri Lanka . Those solders belong to Yala Palatupana Army Farm . We found the photos with the head of a killed deer and for everyone it is a big shock! There were few army officers and soldiers attended that “barbecue party”, but wildlife officers […]