Flood and landslide in Sri Lanka: a gift of mega development projects

According to government reports, recent flooding and landslides in Sri Lanka have caused widespread disruptions across the country. At least 200,000 people have been displaced by the floods, many casualties have been reported and dozens are feared missing. Government try to say this is a result of climate change. According to me climate change is like a god. God does […]

UN-” I am With Nature ,Environment Minister Of Sri Lanka with -Gazelle Ventures (Forest land for Sugarcane)

ministers of the ‘Yahapaalana’ government has given approval to cabinet paper MDE/AD/03/CAB-PA/2017 to hand over 62,500 acres from Uva-Wellassa to the Gazelle Ventures of Singapore, through its parent company, the New York-based multinational company CDVCA, to cultivate sugarcane. The official handover will take place on June 05 ,the day of world Environment and president Maithripala Sirisena, as the minister of […]

සෙබාදහමි පාසලට ඔබත් එන්න.

සොබාදහමි පාසල පරිසරය ගැන කියාදෙන තවත් එක තැනක් පමණක් නොව. එය පරිසරය , සතා සිවිපාව, පරිසර දේශපාලනය ගැන ඉගන ගන්න වගේම සොබාදහමට පෙමබදින හැමෝගේම තැනක්. ඔබටත් නොමිළේ ඉගනගන්න, පරිසරය රකින්න එන්න එකතු වෙන්න අපි ආරාධනා කරනවා . අමතන්න 0718368642 0719785084, Fb-https://www.facebook.com/cens.SL/ www.cens.lk විඩියෝව සැකසීම නුවන් සහෝදරයා

Political corruption flourishes on garbage

By The Nation – Apr 22, 2017 Immediately after the Meetotamulla disaster making money out of garbage became a subject of discussion in all electronic and print media. During Nation’s attempt to get to the bottom issue it was revealed that the garbage dump a business value to certain underworld groups. In the aftermath of the Meetotamulla debacle reports of […]