Mega Cultivations Continue To Gorge Wildlife Sanctuaries

by Hafsa Sabry (sundy Leader) 2015.11.20 Despite all authorities in the country being kept informed of the alleged rape of the crown land, several of Sri Lanka’s flagship national parks and highly sensitive conservation areas including the Wilpattu National Park in the North Western Province and Lunugamvehera National Park in the Southern Province, are allegedly being pillaged and plundered for […]

Illegal Sand Mining Causes Chaos In Kurunegala

By Hafsa Sabry(Sunday Leader) 2015.11.20 In the wake of the re-election of the new government, instances of illegal sand mining allegedly carried out by several influential politicians of the previous regime has come to light. The illegal sand mining and the land distribution to a few favourites of some politicians have reportedly created chaos among the villagers who still are […]

When the mountains rumble

by Rukshana Rizwie-Sundayobserver In a year since 37 people were buried alive under a mountain of mud in Meeriyabedda in Koslanda, researchers and families affected by the tragedy have often asked what the authorities have done since, to avert these disasters or insulate them. The responses have been lukewarm and uncertain. A house that was damaged in the Meeriyabedda landslide […]

Kelani River Under Threat Again ?

By Hafsa Sabry(Sunday Leader) It is now not an easy task to obtain approval to set up a chemical factory in the close proximity to the Kelani River that could cause water pollution. However, a large complex building, for the manufacture of boxes for packaging, is allegedly being constructed in the Kaduwela area. This new factory is said to be […]

Action demanded against MR, Gota, Basil

Investigations should be conducted and action taken against the former President, former Defence Secretary, the former Economic Development Minister and the Major who gave orders to shoot in connection with the Rathupaswala killings in 2012, Siyane Environment Protection United Organisation chief organiser Suresh Perera said. “Otherwise we will not vote for this government at upcoming elections,” Perera told a press […]

Uma Oya Project Caused Landslides – Environmentalists

Development Vs. Environment Conservation…. by Hafsa Sabry(SUNDAY LIEDER) Sri Lanka’s economic growth and infrastructure development, resulted in urbanisation of Colombo and other areas, which created many environmental issues, surface and ground water contaminations and a vast change in wild life and their habitats.If we look at how urbanisation is affecting the country, with particular focus on environment, the damage to […]