The Northern Power Plant in Chunnakam which was indefinitely closed following a court order has recommenced operations again, reports say.

Sri Lankan Mirror News reported

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On Jan. 27, the Mallakam Magistrate ordered to close the power plant indefinitely.

However, the company reported that the plant reopened for essential maintenance following a court order from the Appeal court which overturned the above suspension.

Speaking to ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ on this regard, Ravindra Kariyawasam of Center for Environmental and Nature Studies (CENS) stated that an investigation conducted by National Water Supply and Drainage Board has revealed that the drinking water has been contaminated after being mixed with a poisonous substance.”

Around 138 wells probed were discovered to contain water mixed with 60% of oils and grease.

“Although one milligram of oil per a litre of water is harmless to the body, the tested water samples contained around 08 milligrams and this is harmful to the body.”

The percentage of oils mixed with water is increased each day and this can be seen in the area from Chunakkam to Walikaman, he added.

“This is a desperate contamination of water resources. A solution is yet to be provided for the drinking water issue as well,” he further said.

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