Secret of glyphosate container release exposed: importation banned

President Maithripala Sirisena told a function at the BMICH in Colombo yesterday that the importation of the agrochemical glyphosate, which contains arsenic and heavy metal, will be banned with immediate effect.
He said, “Certain businessmen asked me to let them sell the glyphosate already imported. But, not even a single person more cannot be allowed to be victimized to kidney disease. Therefore, the importation of this pesticide is banned.”
Previously, our website reported that 15 container loads of glyphosate were released at the port. Therefore, it is clear that action has been taken to ban the importation of glyphosate after allowing the clearance of the stocks and selling of the same. If president Sirisena, as the first head of state from Rajarata, is so considerate of the farmers of his area, he should have banned the importation without allowing the clearance of these stocks.
When we contacted coordinator of the Environment Studies Cente Ravindra Kariyawasam, he said, “The government banned the importation only after releasing 15 container loads of glyphosate at the port. Those 15 container loads are enough to ful fil about 10 years of requirement. Therefore, the importation ban will not
prevent the harm being caused to this country. After this chemical enters the soil and the water, its effects remains there for about 20 years. Also, banning glyphosate is not enough. All fertilizers and pesticides containing nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium should be banned. This process of banning the importation makes it clear that rather than the Rajarata farmers, this ‘yaha paalana’ government is considerate of the businessmen
Lanka news web 23/05/2015

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