Ecological Disaster – in Vallikamam, North Sri Lanka

Prof. Daya Somasundaram University of Jaffna There is an ecological disaster of serious proportions taking shape over the last few years with the effects already showing in the Vallikamam area of Northern Sri Lanka. It is being realized by the more than quarter million people living in Vallikamam that their ground water is polluted by oil waste. According to samples […]

Port City project should be stopped – civil society bodies

by Lalin Fernandopulle  ( Opponents of the Colombo Port City project came down hard on the proponents and backers of the controversial project at a ‘Public Tribunal’ organised by Transparency International last week in Colombo, condemning it outright as a move that is catastrophic to the environment and livelihood of a large number of fisher folk in the country. Environmentalists […]