Slow food Youth camping in Sri Lanka

During the last month SFYN Sri Lanka organized a couple events as part of our global campaign #FoodIsDiverse. The working theme was #FoodIsBiodiversity and the events focused on traditional recipes, local products, local biodiversity. SFYN Sri Lanka organized and held lectures and discussions on schools approaching the themes of food diversity and biodiversity. A field visit to explore the local biodiversity in Tittawala area in Madagama, Matara, and a two days environmental camp in nature school, Weerakatiya. SFYN members also went to the kitchen to cook local foods with 21 curry’s variety, rice and sweets and in Kudabubula Village. The traditional recipe was up to the grandmothers, who shared their knowledge preparing traditional sweets with 157 youth. Sadly, some other activities planned had to be stopped because of the terrorist attack of April 21st, but despite this, SFYN Sri Lanka did a great job! To sum it up, the campaign in Sri Lanka had more than 6 events and and reached more than 250 youths! To know more about the activities have a look at Slow food youth Sri Lanka page!60285555_2194981030591216_8777759340124700672_n




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