WB funded road project will cause environmental disaster’

Environmentalist Ravindra Kariyawasam on Wednesday said that Sri Lanka had entered into an agreement with 36 countries including China, India to create a road network here to be completed before 2030 in order to make this country naval, air, economic, energy and an education hub in the world with World Bank assistance.

The environmentalist, addressing the media at the Centre for Society and Religion at Maradana said that the agreement envisaged the construction of the Matara-Hambantota, Kandy-Colombo, Mannar-Hambantota and Hambantota-Ampara Highways and eventually that network would link with the proposed road link from Mannar to Dhanuskodi.

Kariyawasam said: “The proposed Mannar-Dhanuskodi Highway will be built at an enormous environmental cost and plans are afoot to raze a number of hillocks to obtain earth as the project required 120,000 cubic meters per kilometre.”

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