Challenges in Biodiversity Conservation in a Highly Modified Tropical River Basin in Sri Lanka

Kelani River is the fourth longest river in the South-Asian island, Sri Lanka. It originates from the central hills and flows through a diverse array of landscapes, including some of the most urbanized regions and intensive land uses. Kelani River suffers a multitude of environmental issues: illegal water diversions and extractions, impoundment for hydroelectricity generation, and pollution, mostly from agrochemicals, […]

CENS: Worst rape of environment last year in country’s history

The Centre for Environmental and Nature Studies estimates that Sri Lanka lost more than 10 acres of forests on a daily basis from January to December 31, 2020. The Centre’s Executive Director Dr. Ravindra Kariyawasam yesterday claimed the occurrence of a massive environmental destruction throughout the country and that made 2020 the year of worst eco-devastation in the history of […]