UN-” I am With Nature ,Environment Minister Of Sri Lanka with -Gazelle Ventures (Forest land for Sugarcane)

ministers of the ‘Yahapaalana’ government has given approval to cabinet paper MDE/AD/03/CAB-PA/2017 to hand over 62,500 acres from Uva-Wellassa to the Gazelle Ventures of Singapore, through its parent company, the New York-based multinational company CDVCA, to cultivate sugarcane. The official handover will take place on June 05 ,the day of world Environment and president Maithripala Sirisena, as the minister of […]

සෙබාදහමි පාසලට ඔබත් එන්න.

සොබාදහමි පාසල පරිසරය ගැන කියාදෙන තවත් එක තැනක් පමණක් නොව. එය පරිසරය , සතා සිවිපාව, පරිසර දේශපාලනය ගැන ඉගන ගන්න වගේම සොබාදහමට පෙමබදින හැමෝගේම තැනක්. ඔබටත් නොමිළේ ඉගනගන්න, පරිසරය රකින්න එන්න එකතු වෙන්න අපි ආරාධනා කරනවා . අමතන්න 0718368642 0719785084, Fb-https://www.facebook.com/cens.SL/ www.cens.lk විඩියෝව සැකසීම නුවන් සහෝදරයා

Political corruption flourishes on garbage

By The Nation – Apr 22, 2017 Immediately after the Meetotamulla disaster making money out of garbage became a subject of discussion in all electronic and print media. During Nation’s attempt to get to the bottom issue it was revealed that the garbage dump a business value to certain underworld groups. In the aftermath of the Meetotamulla debacle reports of […]