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Now, new road to hotel poses danger to ecologically sensitive Roomassala

By Ifam Nizam (The Island News papaer)

A 20-foot road is to be built shortly in a very environmentally sensitive location leading to a hotel which is also under construction, despite objections by officials, Environmental Scientist at the Centre for Environment Nature Studies (CENS), Dr Ravindra Kariywasam told The Island yesterday.

Wildlife officials had objected to both the hotel and the road, but their objects had been ignored due to political influence, Kariyawasam said. The hotel was being constructed by former President Maithripala Srisena’s brother Dudley, he added.

He warned that the ecologically important Rumassala sanctuary, Unawatuna beach and coral reef of Rumassala would be badly affected by the giant hotel complex.

“From what we know the hotel management plans to release 6...

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Titanium Mining would dramatically transform The ecosystem of Gulf Mannar

Mannar area is a very important place from both historical and natural point of view. (―Mannar‖ = Minara — a place of worship. Their sand and mineral deposited area called‖ Adams bridge‖ and it is starting from Mannar and its stretch to India’s Pamaban island ( Rameshwaram). This chain of the island has identified as ―Adam’s Bridge‖ by a British map maker. The Indian name Rama Sethu refers to the Indian legend Ramayanaya: the bridge is supposed to have been built for the Indian Prince Rama to cross from India to Sri Lanka to rescue his wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka. This is a historical story that has been adapted with this land area of manner.
Gulf Mannar including Manar island is an ecological valuable place for both Sri Lanka and India...

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මහා සංවර්ධනය හමුවෙි කුඩා ගොවියාගේ ඉරණම -NPP=2

ජාතික භෙෘතික සැළැසිමට අනුව වාණිජ බොග වගාවන් සදහා ඉඩමි නිදහස් කරගැනීම වෙිනුවෙින් මෙි වන විට රජය අවශ්ය මංකොල්ල කාරී ඉඩමි ප්රතිපත්තිය ක්රියාත්කරමින් සිටි . ලංකවෙි වී ගොවිතැන පඩු ලබන ගොවිතැනක් යැයි 1994 වසරේදී ලොක බැංකුව විසින් රජයට පෙන්වා දී තිබෙින අතර කුඩා ගොවියන් සිය ගොවිතැනින් ඉවත් කිරීමත් ඒ වෙිනුවට මහාපරිමාණ ගොවිතැන් ඇති කර ගොවියන් කමිකරුවන් බවට පත්කෙරෙන මෙම සැළසුමට අවශ්ය කැලෑ ඉඩමි ලබාගැනිම හා කුඩා ගොවිබිමි මහා පරිමාණ ගොවිබිමි යටතේ ආර්ථික බෝග වගාවට යොදවා ගැනීම මෙහි මුලීක පියවරයි ...

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Threatened biodiversity hotspot on the road to destruction

By Kamanthi wikaramasinghe

Neluwa-Lankagama-Deniyaya Road construction via World Heritage Site nears completion sans EIA
Environmentalists observe lack of consultation from technical experts
SL Army says construction work done under the supervision of RDA
Subject minister says EIA will be ready in three weeks

The Neluwa-Lankagama-Deniyaya Road that is being built via the Sinharaja Forest Reserve – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, sans a proper plan and an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has received widespread criticisms.

Responding to mounting criticism at the onset of the project, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa visited the area and said that the road will be constructed in 90 days...

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CENS and Green community of pollonaruwa were held a protest

CENS and Green community of pollonaruwa were held a protest in pollonnaruwa city against construction of Yakkure roada 02.12.2020. Villages and Environmentalist requested not to build any road trough forest. The Yakkaure is an environment sensitive area. But government just try to construct a road for improve tourism. This plan will destroy the bio diversity and animal a habitats of the area.





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3 acres of forest destroyed daily in the last 2 months!

Three acres of forest land has been cleared each day during the previous two months, National Coordinator for Centre for Environmental and Nature Studies (CENS) – Ravindra Kariyawasam says.

Mr. Kariyawasam further warns that if the president does not take measures to put a stop to this massive forest destruction, the forest cover of the country could be deeply impacted.

Speaking on the recent environmental disasters in the areas of Anavilundawa and Wanathavilluwa, Mr. Kariyawasam said that many valuable trees were destroyed.


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Fighting Deforestation in Sri Lanka

By Savithri Sellapperumage Courtesy The Diplomat

Can Sri Lanka live up to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s environmental commitments?

The focus on Sri Lanka’s deforestation and the conservation of forests this year can be traced back to widespread discussions about deforestation in Wilpattu  National Park back in 2019. Deforestation in Wanathawillu, Anawilundawa and Sinharaja has been the recent focus of discussion. However, reports of more deforestation and illegal commercial or developmental projects have been reported from many parts of the country. Since then, the topic has become affiliated with politics and certain political figures. The blame game has advanced amid the lack of political authority.

The forest cover of Sri Lanka in 2019 was reported to be 16.5 percent, down fro...

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Red Alert by Mother Nature : “SL forest density reduced from 85% to 16.5%”

Red Alert by Mother Nature : “SL forest density reduced from 85% to 16.5%”

According to Dr Ravindra Kariyawasam (Center for Environment & Nature Studies), Sri Lanka had a forest density of 82% in 1882. Fast forward to 2019, Sri Lanka’s forest density stands at a shocking 16.5%!

The people of Sri Lanka cut down 65.5% of the forests in a span of 137 years. Dr Kariyawasam says that this, maybe, due to the rise in population, development, construction of major dams and highways, and urbanization.

“The World Food and Health Organization ranked Sri Lanka as the 4th country with the highest rate of deforestation by 2010. We are holding the same position even now.” – he added.

Against such a backdrop where we are limited to mere terms as “Sustainable development” and “Green econom...

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Wanathawilluwa forest clearance: Whodunit?

NWPEA to file legal action Environmentalists claim that officials have turned a blind eye Nobody arrested yet Enough legal provisions in place to sue the responsible party Days after the Anawilundawa Ramsar Wetland, situated in Puttalam District, made headlines over an illegal clearance, nearly 100 acres of forest area was reportedly destroyed in Kuratiyamohotte area in Eluwankulama, Wanathawilluwa, also in the Puttalam District. With the absence of a responsible party who claims to have done the destruction it makes Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity more vulnerable to damage. In fact Sri Lanka’s dry zone occupies three-quarters of the island. Therefore environmentalists claim that protecting dry zone forests is particularly important...

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Sinharaja’s Downfall: Paradise Paved in Asphalt

By Ranmini Gunasekara 

There are places on Earth that hold outstanding universal value to humanity – these are named World Heritage Sites and protected for the benefit of generations to come. One such World Heritage Site is the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, one of the last remaining virgin rainforests in Sri Lanka, which is home to over 60 per cent of the country’s endemic flora and fauna.

However, this virgin rainforest and its treasure-trove of species have come under numerous threats in the past decades, as selfish individuals and Governments alike try to stake their claim to this ecosystem under the guise of ‘development’.

The most recent of these ‘developments’ to cause outrage amongst environmentalists and enthusiasts alike was the construction of a road from the village of Lank...

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