National Housing Development Authority destroys a forest to build a housing complex

71579884_1321145074728188_5047394597882298368_n 71758264_2122905401337013_5125167264382844928_nNational Housing Development Authority destroys a forest to build a housing complex  in Ballapura village in Hambantota , Sri Lanka. This forest belongs to the protected area of HT 28 Lake .The lake is ancient and important for villages of Ballagaswewa .   208 famers take water from the lake for their paddy and Chena cultivation.  Hambanthota is a dry area in the Country and it is subjected to water scarcity.   This green belt of forest helps to conserve the water in the dry season.  While destroying forest National Housing Development Authority destroys also the lake and its biodiversity.  After 2005, National Physical Plane has accelerated in Hamabantota area and destroyed many forest cover.


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The death of seventh elephant In Sri Lanka

Today Center for Environment and Nature studies held a press conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka (08.10.2019).bope  The conference concerned about the in Hiriwadunna area. Environmentalist, Ven Wekadawala Rahula thero said there are no proper investigation about this incident .Responsibility has been taken by the Wild Life department .But, it is not enough because have to explain the reasons why so many elephants die in the same day. Government maintains it as a mystery. During the press conference, High court layers Nuwan Bopage explained how wild life department and Government of Sri Lanka try to hide this incident as it happened several time before.

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Sri Lankan Army has killed deers in Yala National Park

Wild life officers discovered some soldiers while they were making barbecue with deers in Yala ,Sri Lanka . Those solders belong to Yala Palatupana Army Farm . We found the photos with the head of a killed deer and for everyone it is a big shock! There were few army officers and soldiers attended that “barbecue party”, but wildlife officers arrested only one soldier and he will be summoned to Tissamaharama majestic court next 4 th of October. This is a wild life crime and this kind of behavior is strictly prohibited inside any National park; soldiers have also violated the “Flora and fauna act” in Sri Lanka. Now both Army and wildlife department try to hide this incident from public opinion.20190929_120117 (1)

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CENS requested to carry on a prproper investigation about murder of seven elephants

hiriwadunna                                                                                                                                                         Yesterday (28,09.2019) CENS requested from Crime Department and Wild Life Ministry to carry on a proper investigation elephants in Thumbikulama , Sri Lanka. It was sent a letter to both responsible institutes.  In September 27th the inhabitants of Hiriwaduana and surrounded area found four corpses of female elephants and informed the wildlife department   .  On September 28th wildlife officers found other 3 dead elephants in the same area.  Totally seven elephant bodies was found in the jungle...

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Environmentalist Ven: Wekadawala Rahula Thero’s Public lecture in Karandeniya,Sri Lanka

Environmentalist Ven. Wekadawala Rahula Thero conducted an awareness program in Bandula Seenadera School in Karandeniya. Sri Lanka.   Buddhist monks, school teachers, slow food youth and CENS members and more than 300 students, participated for this occasion.

70558255_2390565334598281_2519338192751034368_n 2019.09.17 70297394_2390564817931666_7907013299919650816_n70154250_2390559307932217_1567025900346671104_n



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Araliya Hotel that emerges over Rumassala exploiting Charming Unawatuna under SL President’s Influence?

Oh, fabulous Rumassala

Charming sandy beach on Thambapanni

With pearl bead smiles over

Vended wholly! Were you..?



Seashore so mild and Slender

Are you being made,

So much defenseless

By Gluttonous Araliya,

The Black in White

Or else, 

The Peril as guardian?


The foregoing is a slightly modified version of Late veteran singer Gunadasa Kapuge’s famous song about ruthless manipulation of natural resources of the country...

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පොලිතින් නැති ගමක් වෙනුවෙන්, සොබාදහම් පාසල- A village without plastic

සොබාදහම් පාසල විසින් වසර ගණනාවක් තිස්ස පොලිතින් ප්ලාස්ටික් භාවිතය අවම කරමින් මුලු ගමටම පොලිතින් ප්ලාස්ටික් භාවිතයේ ප්‍රතිවිපාක පහදා දීමත් සමඟ යම්තාක් දුරට ගමේ පන්සලට වුවත් දානය රැගෙන ඒමේදී පවා පොලිතින් ප්ලාස්ටික් ගෙන ඒම සම්බන්ධයෙන් මිනිස්සුන් දෙවරක් සිතන්නට විය...

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Nature School (CENS) and Slow Food Youth in Sri Lanka conducted an environment conservation awareness


Nature School (CENS) and Slow Food Youth in Sri Lanka conducted an environment conservation awareness.   program with Students from Abakolawewa School in Weerakatiay ,Sri Lanka.   A group of nature lovers talked about endemic trees of Sri Lanka and conservation status in the Country. The students and teachers were guided by Ven Wekadwal Rahula thero, Teshmila Madu and Udula Sewandhi.


66725424_2142318432545069_3444910289353441280_n66527401_710957422696758_4647477020287041536_n 67122341_2407280526176253_2636681432331714560_n 66717521_481924539291002_9217096170512318464_n

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වසා දැමු පාසල ගස් සිටවා ආලෝකමත් කරන ගමිමැදගම අපූරු මිනිස්සු(Trees planting program was held in Gammadagama School)

Trees planting program was held in Gammadagama School   with the help of   Comrade Prasad Priyankara. The school was closed since many years.  After, Villages has been started a Sunday’s school and they conduct environment conservation programs.

වසා දැමු පාසලක් හරිත දහමි පාසලක් බවට පරිවර්ථනය කරන්නට සොබාදහමි පාසලේ ප්‍රසාද් පියංකර සහෝදරයා ගන්නා ඉමහත් උත්සහයක ප්‍රතිපලයක් ලෙස පසුගිය දිනක දෙවන වතාවට පැල සිටවා සිරි විමලසාර දහමි පාසලේ අචාර්්‍ය මංඩලය හා දරුදැරියන් පියවර ගන්නා ලදී...

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භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේලා උදේසා පරිසර අධ්‍යපන සමිමණ්ත්‍රන මාලාවක් සියටල් පාසලෙන් – An Environment awareness program

An Environment awareness program was conducted for Buddhist monks in Chief Seattles school By Environmentalist ven Wekadwala Rahuala thero . About 130 Buddhist monks were participating for this event.

මාතර දිස්ත්‍රික් පිරිවෙන් ශිෂ්‍ය භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේලාට සහ ශිෂ්‍යයන් සඳහා සම්මන්ත්‍රණයක් මාතර මාලිම්බඩ ශ්‍රී පෙමානන්ද මුලික පිරිවෙන තුළ 2019/06/13 දින පැවැත්විණ එහිදී ජෛව විවිධත්වය හදුනා ගැනිම සහ වර්තමාන පරිසර අර්බුදය හදුනා ගනිමින් එය සමාජගත කිරිමට යහපත් සන්නිවේදයකු වන්නේ කෙසෙද ? මැයින් පැවැති දේශනය සඳහා සොබාදහමි පාසල වෙනුවෙන් පරිසරවෙීදී පූජ්‍ය වෑකදවල රාහුල හිමියන්ම වැඩමුළු පැවැත්වූ අතර ශිෂ්‍ය භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේලා 130කට අධික පිරිසක් සහභාගි වී සිටියහ.විශෙෂයෙන් පිරිවෙන් සහකාර අධ්‍යක්ෂක හිමි මෙන්ම පෙමානන්ද මුලික පිරිවෙන් පරිවෙනාධිපති සියඹලාගොඩ රතනකිත්ති හිමියන් නි...

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